Nomad Therapies provides assessment, ordering, and fitting for the Bioness L300 Go, a lower limb Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) device primarily used to assist with foot drop during gait. It is a wireless cuff device which is Bluetooth connected to a smart device for ease of control, and the settings/electrodes can be customized to the patients’ needs.

The Bioness is used by placing electrodes on the outside of the lower leg and applying a low-level electrical current which stimulates the nerves, causing a muscle contraction and the forefoot lifting off the floor as it does during gait. The device has a 360 gyroscope and accelerometer built in, allowing the wearer to walk at different speeds, on inclines or even run with the device on. 

Bioness Requirements for potential funding through the Saskatchewan Aids for Independent Living:

  • A valid Saskatchewan health card
  • Requisition letter from a specialist (neurologist/physiatrist), and
  • Have NOT received funding for a FES device in the past 5 years.

SAIL can cover ~80% of the cost of the device for clients at home use.

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