Lead Integrated Health Therapies

Nomad Therapies is excited to be working as part of the Lead Integrated Health Therapies team in a collaborative and innovative working relationship. The Lead Team is comprised of Nomad Physiotherapists along with Lead’s own Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Dieticians,  Counsellors and Wellness services.

The amazing Lead facility is very accessible to the east end of Saskatoon and is located  near the North end of McKercher Drive on the corner of Packham Avenue & 105th St. in Sutherland (#20 – 214 Joseph Okemasis Dr).

Patients who wish to see Nomad at Lead can now book appointments by calling either Nomad Therapies or Lead Integrated Health Therapies. You may also book online by clicking the Online Booking link below and selecting your Physiotherapy service