TMJ Physiotherapy

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is where your jaw meets your cheek bone. This joint allows you to talk and chew your food. Someone who has concerns or issues with their TMJ may present with:

* Pain or tension in their jaw, temple, ear, cheek or neck

* Limited opening of their mouth

* Clicking when opening or closing their mouth

* Misalignment of their teeth with chewing and biting

* Headaches

* Ringing in their ears

All of these concerns have the potential to affect an individual’s daily activities. Possible causes for TMJ issues or concerns include tension due to clenching or grinding, hyper or hypomobility, degeneration or disc derangement, trauma to the jaw (ie whiplash, concussions) or poor posture.

If you have concerns with your TMJ or have been diagnosed with TMJ Dysfunction, physiotherapy can help. A physical therapist can provide an individualized treatment plan based upon your needs to help with pain, mobility, strengthening and stretching.

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TMJ Physiotherapy