Mobile Physiotherapy (In Home Physiotherapy)

For Nomad Therapists, the road is a familiar place. All Nomad therapists deliver in-home as well as in-clinic physiotherapy. This is important because it ensures that all our areas of expertise are offered to home physiotherapy clients—no exceptions. This includes orthopaedic physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy, acupuncture and intramuscular stim, vestibular rehab, TMJ physio, concussion management, cognitive rehab, paediatric physiotherapy, massage therapy, and occupational therapy.

As our company name suggests, home physiotherapy is a major service we provide. Our therapists and administrators are all well trained and experienced in delivering this very important therapy service. Clients are aligned with the therapist best suited to manage their particular needs and situation. Booking options are generally flexible and timely. Some after hours options are available.

Nomad therapists travel within Saskatoon, or in smaller towns and rural communities within 30 minutes or so from Saskatoon (mileage charges may apply). If you would like to book one of our therapists to come to you, call us at 306.382.2939 or email us at