Diane Murza, PT

Diane Murza, BScPT

Diane Murza graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 1997. She has significant experience treating clients with a wide array of orthopedic conditions from work related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, fractures, as well as pre-natal and post-partum pain. Diane has taken numerous post-graduate courses and has a particular interest in the Integrated Systems Model (ISM). This holistic model of care has given her a deeper understanding of complex connections between body parts and how pain may originate from a source other than where it presents. Through myofascial techniques, joint mobilization, detailed postural re-education, and core/movement retraining, Diane helps clients of all walks of life discover more functional and pain-free living.

Diane is a registered physiotherapist licensed to practice in Saskatchewan. She speaks French fluently.