Landon Hill

Landon Hill, BScKin

Growing up, Landon was an athlete and has competed at the provincial level for multiple sports including basketball, volleyball, curling, and baseball. Landon started concentrating on the gym aspect of fitness when he started his Kinesiology Degree at the U of S. After completion of his degree, his focus is on the long term health benefits of physical activity and showing people that there is more to working out other than just being “fit”. People have different ideas in their mind when they hear “fit” or “fitness” but in the end we are all trying to better ourselves in some way or another. Landon is also a Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapist and is always trying to further his education in the field of kinesiology.
Landon will help you excel at your personal fitness goals through motivation, genuine caring, as well as continued education and accountability.