Exercise therapy uses gentle strengthening and stretching exercises to decrease overall body pain and discomfort. Our experienced Kinesiologist will develop an adaptable exercise regimen to fit the specific need of the client using proper movement patterns, lifting and stretching techniques.

What we do

  • Personalize exercise rehabilitation routine based on history and needs of the client.
  • Group and/or individual exercise programs for a variety of different ages.
  • Implement constructive instruction in proper lifting techniques
  • Write up exercise and stretching plans based on needs of given client and provide pictures alongside appropriate amount of sets, reps, rest times, and tempo.
  • Provide a friendly gym environment for a variety of age groups

Benefits of Exercise Therapy

  • Increases muscular strength and endurance
  • Increases overall body range of motion and flexibility
  • Increases awareness of body and self
  • Improves overall posture and body mechanics
  • Improves muscular balance and coordination
  • Decreases overall pain and discomfort through light physical conditioning
  • Manages chronic and acute injuries
  • Increases physical and mental wellbeing


  • We travel to all areas in and around Saskatoon to provide client’s programs in their homes.
  • We have a beautiful location at Crossmount Village with a wide variety of gym equipment.
  • Instruction on how to execute proper movements, lifting and stretching techniques
  • Provide pictures of exercises and stretches for the clients to keep alongside proper bullet points on form, and correct number of sets, repetitions, tempo and rest times.